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We are Predicate Academy and our mission is to change the way children learn about technology!

Learn to Code

Does your child like playing video games or streaming videos? Are they curious how things work? There's more to technology than consumption.

No Experience Necessary

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Jumpstart classes provide an expedition jungles of creating with technology. Class topics vary from coding, working with electronics, and hacking Minecraft

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Half of the highest paying jobs in America require you to know how to code. Our teachers are industry professionals.

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How it works...

1) Register for a Jumpstart. Join us for an expedition through the jungles of writing code, working with electronics, talking computers, or even hacking Minecraft! Topics vary from time to time. You'll child can take one or as many Jumpstart classes as they want! In each class they'll build an appreciation for the amazing things that can be done with writing code! No experience is necessary to register and we provide all the hardware. Suggested ages are listed with each session.

More Info Class Time Cost
More Info Minecraft Mashup (ages 10-12) Sat 8/12, 9:00-12:00pm $65
More Info Coding Emojis! (ages 10-12) Wed 8/16, 6:30-8:00pm $30
More Info Minecraft Mashup (ages 8-10) Sat 8/26, 9:00-12:00pm $65
More Info Game Makers (ages 10-12) Sat 9/23, 12:30-3:30pm $65
More Info Photo Booth (ages 8-10) Fri 9/29, 6:30-8:00pm $30
Interested but not available to attend? Let us know!
Email us at and we'll notify you when new dates are available.

2) Want to Dig Deeper?. Our classes are designed to spark conversation. How does your child respond to coding? We recognize learning to code is new to most of our student population and it's not for everyone. Our Jumpstart classes provide a nice way for your aspiring innovator to kick the coding tires and see if they like it. If Jumpstart classes are a hit, consider signing up for a seasonal class!

3) Buy the Predi-Kit Hardware Bundle. The Predi-Kit includes a Raspberry Pi 3 - Model B, a case for the Pi, USB power adapter, 8GB microSDHC card preloaded with Raspbian and Predicate software, two full size breadboards, Pi Cobbler Plus (connects Pi to breadboard), eight 1K resistors, eight LEDs (blue, yellow, green, red), four large tact switches, and male/male jumper cables. The Predi-Kit costs $115 and is used in all classes that we teach. You can even use it as your computer at home! Click here to purchase the kit and we'll reach out to schedule a time to assemble everything.

4) Enroll in a Seasonal Class. With the Jumpstart coding primer complete, your child is welcome to enroll in any of our seasonal classes.

About Us

We love coding! We are an independent company founded by a Woolwich NJ Computer Science Professional with a passion to teach children how to code. We create our own courses with a goal of providing a glimpse into the computing field. Not only do we teach coding, we demonstrate “real world” applications of technology and do so in an environment that is ripe with learning opportunity and fun. Our objective is simple - we want to show the hidden educational value of making technology (read more).

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