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Teaching the Language of Creativity

We love coding! We are an independent company founded by a Woolwich NJ resident with a passion to teach children how to code. We create our own courses with a goal of providing a glimpse into the computing field. Not only do we teach coding, we demonstrate “real world” applications of technology and do so in an environment that is ripe with learning opportunity and fun. Our objective is simple - we want to show the hidden educational value of making technology.

The Predicate Gaming Platform

Creativity Redefined! We know that creating things can be fun but the nuances of coding (and typing) can be a bit of a drag. Our gaming platform is the answer! A minimalist approach that enables our aspiring innovators to focus on the art of creativity while also driving home some of the core computer science concepts that provide a fun behind the scenes tour into the field.

About Predicate

We are industry professionals who have a passion to teach! We created Predicate Academy to provide a platform for making advanced technology more accessible to youth. We see technology development as an art that is mastered with time. Much like learning a musical instrument, crafting a skill requires practice across varying applications and a mentor to provide encouragement and direction. As a platform, Predicate Academy provides a launching pad for students to obtain the breadth of computer science principals and practices, building lifelong skills that supersede trends and are applicable regardless of career path.

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